My cake pops are too sweet... It's either the cake or frosting that made it too sweet. If you made the cake and frosting homemade, check to make sure you added the right amount of sugar and vanilla. If the cake is boxed and the frosting is canned, you might want to try making yours homemade or try buying a new box/can. Factories sometimes accidentally use too much sugar in their food, Adding too much fondant or toppings on your cake pops can also make them sweet as well.
Add 4eggs (most mixes use 3). Add a box of instant pudding (flavor to match cake) and add a packet of dream whip. Use oil and water according to box. I always use Duncan Hines mix. I have used this recipe for nearly 40 years. I used to do the Wilton shape cakes so I know it will hold its shape in your cake ball maker. My cakes are ALWAYS moist. Blessings!
I make these at Christmas with the white melts, then I stand them on top of a bed of crushed candy canes before I add the sorinkles. You end up with a pop that is decorated on both top and bottom. So cute. But if if you are using the crushed mints you need to let them dry on top of Reynolds non stick aluminum foil. The crushed mints can get sticky after they are unwrapped. Once the pops dry/set up there is no problem with sticking though.
My cake pops are cracking... Cake pops that crack are not a really big deal; You can easily cover it up with frosting or melted chocolate. However, when adding icing or glaze on your cake pops (or maybe eating them plain) you'll see the cracks and they don't always look pleasant. Insure your cake pop balls are not too big, the bigger the pops, the harder it is to have it look round like a ball. Cake pops should be about the size of munchkins. If you're still seeing cracks, you might have not added enough frosting in the cake when you were rolling it up. Add 1/2 cup more and try again.