Linda. Yes you can dip them the same day. If you do not have time to let them firm up in the fridge overnight, just pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes while you melt your dipping chocolate. Then you can take them out one at a time as you dip them, If you notice they are getting too cold on the bottom (starting to freeze) transfer them to the fridge and pull them from there one by one to dip them. I’m glad you asked because this is a good way to get the right firmness!

My cake pops are cracking... Cake pops that crack are not a really big deal; You can easily cover it up with frosting or melted chocolate. However, when adding icing or glaze on your cake pops (or maybe eating them plain) you'll see the cracks and they don't always look pleasant. Insure your cake pop balls are not too big, the bigger the pops, the harder it is to have it look round like a ball. Cake pops should be about the size of munchkins. If you're still seeing cracks, you might have not added enough frosting in the cake when you were rolling it up. Add 1/2 cup more and try again.
Thank you so much for your tutorial. It was very helpful. I wish I listened to it better. For instance, I was short on time, so I froze the balls instead of refrigerated them. I think you’re right and this will lead to the cracks. My other reason for freezing was that I wanted the balls to have rings of color inside, like a jawbreaker, so I froze them in stages. I think I ought to have let them thaw a bit before dipping. I also made the mistake of adding my usual gel color to my candy melts. You were right: it seized right up! Thankfully I had some paramount crystals on hand, so I was able to make it usable again. Maybe you could add that as a hint, that if they think their chocolate or candy melts aren’t thin enough, try adding some paramount crystals to it. Thanks again!
My cake pops won't stay on the stick... Don't forget you need to freeze your cake pops before poking them on the stick. Otherwise it'll just fall off and crack. Fresh cake is too soft for the balls to hold together on a stick. Another tip: Try sticking the top of your your cake pop sticks with icing or frosting. The frosting/icing is like glue when you place the ball on top, and it should stay on better by not falling off.