Grab your Candy Melts (I purchased mine from JoAnn Fabric) and a small microwaveable dish (I used a small oatmeal bowl). Put about 5 morsels into the bowl and melt them in the microwave. Next, grab your cake pop sticks (I purchased mine from JoAnn Fabric). Dip your stick into the melted Candy Melt and quickly stick it into a cake pop at least half way down. Repeat with remaining cake pops. Then, set pops on a cookie tray. Freeze for about 15 minutes (they wouldn’t fit in my freezer so I put them in the fridge for 30 minutes– worked fine). Put your Candy Melts into a microwaveable mug (I filled mine to the top). Next, melt the Candy Melts as directed on the package. Dip the cake pop into the mug, evenly coating it. Let the coating drip off. Place the pop on cookie sheet. Finally, if using sprinkles, add immediately before coating sets. Repeat for remaining pops.

Please help!! I just finished the recipe and my candy melts came out so thick, I had to throw them all out. I’m making these for my daughters first bday Saturday and really want to remake them tomorrow. I did use butter instead of Crisco shortening. I’m hoping that’s where my mistake was. Would this be a reason my candy melts are coming out so thick? Also, I don’t have a cake ball tool so my circles were off.
Keep on with this process until you are all the way finished. Then (if you want) melt some white chocolate. Put it into a plastic bag and cut a hole at the corner. Decorate each cake pop using the melted white chocolate in the way you want. This step is optional but provides a great opportunity to write a person's name, the name of a sports team and to draw images, patterns or symbols.